VKSSF Alumni Association

World Konkani Centre, Mangaluru

We are the proud Alumni of Vishwa Konkani Student Scholarship Fund (VKSSF). We call ourselves VKSSF Alumni Association (VAA). We form the strong connection between the World Konkani Center and the Alumni’s of this institution.

Sushiksha – A Mentorship Programme by VAA.

Sushiksha is an initiative by VKSSF Alumni Association to create a platform for VKSSF Scholars to realize their potential by enabling personal and professional relationships with VAA members who have succeeded in the path of their chosen career.



Let us proceed with positivism and boldness. Let us strengthen our community and make it a strong motivating force in society.

T.V. Mohandas Pai

VKSSF 2014

  • 8021 Scholarships

  • 69 Camps

  • 2150 Trainees

  • 6 Study Abroad 

VAA Events

  • Vidyouth

  • Vidyouth 2.0

  • Prerna 2015

  • Prerna 2016

Few words from our scholars

“KSHAMATA helped me a lot in validating myself in many aspects and it helped me a lot in improving the communication skills.”
– Pallavi Prabhu

“KSHAMATA has entitled me to a very extensive personal development with attention to detail being at the center of it.”
– Dinesh Pai

“WKC made my transition from student life to professional life much more easier which gave me a head start towards a bright future.”
– Arjun Kini

“My mentors in WKC and my peers motivated me to pursue my dream of studying abroad. I also benefited from VKSSF Study Abroad Scholarship.”
– Sushma Kini

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